Passada vs Kizomba

I see many debates or conversations online about passada and I can see that many people don’t actually know the difference between passada and kizomba. In fact, because of this confusion there is a “war” between Caboverdian and Angolan teachers trying to prove that what we call kizomba today was influenced by passada from Cabo Verde. … More Passada vs Kizomba

The Truth About Semba & Kizomba

Semba and kizomba are both family dances where age, size or beauty does not matter. Only the joy of dance.  Semba and kizomba are danced everywhere: in homes, clubs, streets, backyards, EVERYWHERE!  With mothers, sisters, children, friends and neighbors, with EVERYONE! … More The Truth About Semba & Kizomba

Music Culture Wednesday Vol. 14

M’bilia Bel (born 1959) is a Rumba/World Music singer from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. She is known as the “Queen of Congolese and African Rumba”. She rose to fame after being discovered first by Sam Manguana and later by Tabu Ley Rochereau who really helped her to gain confidence, fully control her powerful soprano-voice and to reach to the summit of one of the best Congolese female singers.
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